The purpose of this form is to help us make the best possible match between puppy and new owner.  We intend that each placement be permanent and rewarding for all concerned and to accomplish this goal, we need to learn about you and your family. We expect and encourage prospective puppy owners to ask lots of questions of us as well.  Please submit this form if you wish to be considered for one of our pups.

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How did you learn of our kennel?   
Why do you want a Bordeaux?  
Ever owned a Bordeaux or giant breed dog?  

Personality traits important to you in a dog?  
What other breeds have you owned and where are those dogs now? If you currently have a dog(s) at home, how do they get along with other dogs and how will they interact with a puppy?

Have you ever given away, sold or otherwise placed a dog?  
If yes, why?  
Do you live in a house or apartment?  
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Do you have children?   If yes, ages?  
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Who has primary responsibility for your puppy?   
Describe puppy care while you are away?   
Describe the puppy‘s day & night quarters? 
Early training plans?  

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You should be aware that Bordeaux can shed profusely and will drool profusely. You should be aware that Bordeaux can have health problems common to giant breed dogs, despite health testing. These are some of the matters we will discuss with you before you purchase one of our puppies. You should be aware that we require regular updates and photos of your puppy. If you have purchased a show puppy, we require that you inform us of titles earned and health screens performed. It is important that you understand that the acquisition of one of our puppies is a commitment for the lifetime of the dog and that you may NOT re-home or otherwise place one of our pups. If you cannot continue to care for this dog for any reason, the dog MUST be returned to us. Please provide us with any additional information which might be helpful in selecting the puppy most suitable for your family and lifestyle: If we do not have a puppy available for you now, do you want to be placed on a waiting list for a puppy from a future litter?